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The #covidWISE project has ended. Follow us at!


The #covidWISE project came out of the immediate need of the COVID-19 crisis. The project was a great success and culminated in 60 innovative social business models submitted to the #covidWISE Ideation Awards in June 2021. 

We are now starting our second season under the new name #impaktWISE. Our foundational principles are still the same, but we have grown to include a more diverse set of ideas, projects and entrepreneurs. 

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#covidWISE is a project initiated by Copenhagen Business School, funded by the Danish Innovation Foundation. The project develops and supports emerging social entrepreneurs with innovative business models, aimed at addressing the economic, social and health consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What we offer


Invitation to the CBS Social Business Model Panorama Community, giving access to an extensive network of over 1000 alumni, like-minded social entrepreneurs, potential partners as well as funders and impact investors.

Business Modeling

Use our unique business model template to explicitly spell out your social enterprise and receive feedback from a vibrating community on how to improve your fundraising pitch. The business model is ideal to present to potential investors and partners.


Individual matchmaking from #covidWISE’s pool of specifically recruited mentors including CBS faculty, Danish social entrepreneurship experts, founders, Babele alumni and international experts.


Access to the Covid-19 adjusted CBS Social Entrepreneurship Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the online platform Coursera, consisting of three courses. By the end of the MOOC, participants will be equipped with the knowledge needed to build their own social enterprise.

How it works

#covidWISE is for you

Here are some ways for you to get involved



Create your project

Identify a problem and find a solution

Anteckningsblock och penna


Build your business model

Come up with a social business plan and find your team on Babele

Ferry Race


Implement or replicate your business model

Apply for our competitions or continue growing your idea

Get inspired

Take a look at inspiring examples of social enterprises fighting the socioeconomic consequences of Covid-19


Lost Stock

"If Coronavirus doesn't kill my workers, then starvation will."

Lost Stock was found in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic when retailers started to cancel huge orders leaving suppliers, factories and workers with a tremendous amount of lost stock. This represents a humanitarian crisis as workers in developing countries are left without income and without a safety net. Lost Stock is selling the clothes from these canceled orders in boxes to consumers who wish to support workers in the fashion industry, avoid waste and seek affordable prices.

Become a social entrepreneur

Do you have an idea of how to address a Covid-19-related problem? Engage in our community, find your team and start your social enterprise today on Babele!

Step-by-step guide on how to get started with Babele

Become a mentor

Can you see yourself guiding and assisting social entrepreneurs in their projects?


Fill out our form and express your interest in becoming a mentor!

Join as a professor

Are you teaching a course and believe that your teaching agenda can be aligned with the mission of #covidWISE? Fill out this form and express your interest in joining the project to take part of our guidance, network and online tools.



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